Functions Of A Gorilla Ladder

Gorilla Ladder – Times Have Changed And So Have Ladders

gorilla ladderThere are many different types of professions that require the use of the ladder as a very important tool. They range from interior designers, builders, carpenters, electricians, cleaners, house wives among others. They are used by millions and millions of people in the world on a daily basis. Many of us use ladders in the house when performing tasks that require you to elevate yourself to a certain height and since it is almost impossible to sit on someone’s shoulders for and hour and above, we opt to use the most widely utilized equipment in the whole world. That is the ladder.

Times have changed and we no longer go for those rickety wooden ladders that are joined with nails or ropes. Safety has become key, as well as being able to stand firm and study to avoid too much movement and distraction especially when your job requires some level of concentration and accuracy, for instance painting or fixing a bulb.

There is a huge selection of ladders in the market which target the wide variety of trades that use them as well as home owners. We would like to introduce to you the gorilla ladder. You have probably heard of it and have definitely seen it in your home improvement shops especially the home depot. Forget what other ladder you have heard off. The gorilla ladder is a superior quality type of ladder that will guarantee you the ultimate experience. It is a high performer, very sturdy, very stable and very versatile.

Gorilla Ladder – 4 True Functions

You will find that the gorilla ladder has four true functions. They can be used as stepladders which is the most common use of ladders. When used this way, it is best for indoor work and almost all trades that involve domestic work utilize those including interior decorators and insulators. You can find a 17 or a 22 foot gorilla ladder that works as a double-sided step ladder.

You will also find them as extension ladders this is also commonly used and more often than not, in the outdoors. They are best for leaning against a surface and they are certainly able to extend in multiples of their normal length. This can help you reach your roof, clean high windows, check your satellite TV dish, paint your home exteriors or put up banners and signs. A gorilla ladder AL-22 will do all that and much more. You can even buy accessories to complement it for more efficiency but it is worth noting that it does just fine on its own.

The next use of a ladder is as a combination ladder. This is where one ladder can be used as a step, extension and a platform. This is best done in uneven terrain where it is not easy to balance or the space is not sufficient to use a normal ladder. The price of a gorilla ladder is very competitive compared to the little giants and the Werner. This is a superior quality ladder at a very good price.

Gorilla Ladder