Gorilla Ladder vs Little Giant Ladder

Can the Gorilla Ladders match the Little Giant

gorilla laddersTwo of the most popular A-frame ladders you’re sure to hear about are the Gorilla ladders and the Little Giant ladders. These two have more than a one-word difference in their names; they have several differences, in fact. This article aims to show you what these are so you can compare them and arrive at an informed decision.

If you have seen the Little Giant infomercial, then you know that one of the things they use to reel in consumers is the supposed 24-step height. This particular A-frame ladder can purportedly be adjusted in a variety of ways, a great option to have, considering the different tasks you need to do using a ladder. However, actual tests show that this is not something new. Gorilla ladders offer this very same option. Although it doesn’t have similar frames like those of the Little Giant, the Gorilla ladders can be set into similar configurations. Plus, both ladders have similar lock tabs for the steps and the main hinge.

Another reason why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV is the five supposed positions offered by the Little Giant ladder. The truth is, only four are safe. The Gorilla ladders offer four positions, all of which have been tried and tested.

Perhaps the most honest difference is the price of Gorilla Ladders.

The Little Giant infomercial is excited to announce that they waive shipping charges. This can make anyone stop in their tracks and reconsider. But be smart. Little Giant asks for a whopping $360.00. If you are planning to pay that much for one A-frame ladder, aren’t you entitled to expect free shipping charges anyway? Seriously, that’s a whole lot of money. Not even the four-month installment payment option should make your resolve waver. The best thing to do is to skip TV shopping and go straight to a trusted home depot for Gorilla ladders.

Gorilla ladders don’t have any infomercials that are trying to trick people into paying for it over a period of four short months for almost $400.00. It can be generally found in local home depots. And it’s priced at half the cost of the Little Giant. You might have to worry about extra expenses for delivery, though, but even then, the total cost is lesser than what you’ll be spending on a Little Giant ordered from the TV or the internet. Also, if you buy directly from a home improvement store, you can be saved from the hassle of waiting for a response or filling out personal info, which some websites ask for before showing you the product you want (even if you don’t intend to buy it).

Aside from the configurations, another thing the Little Giant and the Gorilla ladders have in common is the warranty. They can both be replaced in case of damage.

Given the many advantages of Gorilla ladders over their closest rival, it is highly recommended that you go for the Gorilla over the Little Giant to avoid getting scammed and to really get your money’s worth.

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