Gorilla Ladders At The Best Prices

Gorilla Ladders – Confidence To Get The Job Done

gorilla laddersHave you ever tried to catch that cobweb in the ceiling’s corner that is just about to displace you from your own house but just can’t seem to reach it and the idea of you climbing up that old rickety ladder just doesn’t seem to impress you? You have probably tried out several types of A-frame ladders in your lifetime but they still gave you the shivers. Being seventeen to twenty feet off the ground is no joke.

Well, its time to clean out the gutters again and you truly need a good firm ladder that will give you all the confidence you need when you are up there on your own. You need gorilla ladders. These ladders come in handy on those specific moments where you just want to finish your job and get on with life. If you need to bring down all the Christmas lights, get your kids from their tree house, or change your chandelier bulbs, gorilla ladder are all you need.

Get yourself the Gorilla AL-17 ladders. These are 17 foot gorilla ladders made of Aluminum. They are multiposition ladders and therefore very versatile. They have a total of four main functions and one can perform a number of tasks with them. They are very easy to use and the hinges that are used on the steps as well as for the main locking are very safe and heavy duty. It is not easy for them to break.

Gorilla Ladders – The Functions Of The Competition, But Not The Price

The four true functions of the AL-17 foot gorilla ladders are the double-sided step ladders or A-frame ladders, extension ladder, scaffold bases and stairway ladders. You can adjust them in seventeen different ways in a very short time. The ladders have broad bases for that extra stability you would want if you are that high up. There is also the Gorilla AL-22 which also comes with the four functions of the AL-17 but accessories can be bought separately and added for optimum performance. AL-22 gorilla ladders will take you 22 feet high up. If you want to easily get to your rooftop and change the tiles, this is the way to go!

Do not believe everything you see on TV. Other types of ladders like the Little Giant will use all sorts of words to pull up their sales. For instance, their five different positions sound very good to the ear. You should however ask yourself, how safe are they? Truth be told, you are only safe using just four positions which are guaranteed by gorilla ladders to give you the best results. You have also heard about their waiver of their shipping costs. This must have brought a smile to your face. But picture this, should you be paying for shipping costs if the product will cost you close to four hundred dollars?

With the little giants, you will have to pay for the shipping, handling and installation, while even with you paying something extra for delivery; the cost of Gorilla ladders is less than that of Little Giant. You will get them from home improvement stores with a limited lifetime warranty. You can have your gorilla ladders replaced for damages incurred. Do not miss out!

Gorilla Ladders