Gorilla Ladders Review

AL-17 Gorilla Ladders

gorilla laddersA-frame ladders are some of the most underestimated or overlooked household equipment out there. Many people dismiss these items as unnecessary, when in truth they are some of the most indispensable tools you can ever invest in.

But ladders can be dangerous, too. That is, if you don’t choose the right one. They can break and cause injury or damage. It is essential that you pick out the best A-frame ladder on the market, and by best we don’t mean the most expensive. We mean the most trusted by a lot of real users, real people who tried and were satisfied. Meet the Gorilla ladders, your best bet as far as A-frame ladders are concerned.

Gorilla Aluminum-17 Multi-Position A-frame Ladder

Gorilla ladders pride themselves in offering reliable functionality. Unlike other ladders that claim to have more functions than they’re really capable of, the AL-17 only offers four – but all of them truly work. They are the extension ladder, the stepladder, the stairway ladder, and the scaffold bases.

It can also accommodate 17 positions, a feature that not many ladders have and for which this Gorilla ladder is named. What does this mean? This means that you can conveniently adjust the ladder in 17 different ways, depending on the task at hand. The 17 positions, each unique, make any job easier and simply conquerable. And thanks to heavy-duty locking hinges, the ladder is secure for any position you desire – a feature that all Gorilla ladders offer.

The AL-17’s shipping weight falls at 4.4 pounds. At rest, this ladder can be neatly folded and conveniently stored away in narrow spaces. You can buy accessories for it, such as wheels or extension platforms, but they have to be shipped separately to avoid product collisions.

AL-22 Gorilla Ladders

Gorilla Aluminum-22 Multi-Position A-frame Ladder

The AL-22 also has four true functions like what the AL-17 offers. But while the AL-17 boasts of its numerous positions, the AL-22 mightily impresses with its 22-foot capacity. Named after this, the AL-22 can be extended to 22 feet to help you go to greater lengths and accomplish more tasks.

The AL-22 is only five-and-a-half feet when it’ sin the folded stage. But take it out and you’ll be happy to know that it can go to up to 22 feet in a matter of seconds, a pride of Gorilla ladders everywhere. The lower rungs, which become the upper rungs upon extension, come in flared form for greater stability.

Do take note that the Gorilla ladders such as the AL-17 and the A-22 carry a duty rating of Type 1A, the best kind, and offer a 300-pound capacity, which means that they are incredibly sturdy. What’s more, these Gorilla ladders offer more and are actually cheaper than Little Giant ladders, their mainstream competitors. With everything they can do, the AL-17 and AL-22 don’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars and come with a lifetime warranty. Now that’s something you should definitely think about.

You need not be afraid of A-frame Gorilla Ladders.

If anything, you need to welcome them in your home. Trust us, there’s a lot you can achieve with them at your service. For your peace of mind, only subscribe to the ladders trusted by many, the Gorilla ladders AL-17 and AL-22.

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