Pay Less to Get More with the Gorilla ladder

Gorilla Ladder – Accomplish Your Goals

gorilla ladderIf you are like a few of us, you like keeping your ceilings clean. The thought of dust mites makes you freeze in your tracks. You could never imagine that your ceiling fan was harboring layers and layers of dust. You actually bought a gorilla ladder just for this purpose of cleaning your ceiling fan. Having a ladder that can reach great heights was one of your greatest investments in your home. You can now easily reach the highest shelves in your garage.

It could be that you are infamous for blinding your neighbors during Christmas with your thousands and thousands of lights from your two storied house. How do you fix them? Do you still use your wooden ladder that has someone on the ground holding it in place for hours as you decorate your house roof? All you need is a multipurpose gorilla ladder to do it.

With a gorilla ladder, you will be able to accomplish your goals and chores in the house and around your compound. It will provide for you more space to place your items and it will also allow you some comfort from its strong and sturdy base when you want to stand without putting in a lot of effort.

Gorilla Ladder – Versatile and Strong

The gorilla AL-22 and AL-17 ladders are very versatile. They have four true functions and the AL-17 can be used in seventeen unique positions. This is a big deal for any A-frame type ladder. They are very customer friendly with heavy duty locking on the main and step hinges. This keeps it steady and strong with no worries of breakage.

Unlike the little giants, a gorilla ladder is very steady and strong in the scaffolding position. It will give you more room to place your items or tools. For instance if you are painting, you can place your bucket or some of your tools on the extra standing space without knocking them over. You can use them to get to your attic too. What would be the whole idea of creating an attic if you are unable to access it as a result of a shaky ladder like the little giants? Get a steady ladder that will give you the confidence you require to do a twenty two feet high job.

Gorilla Ladder – Lighter in Weight and Price

When you buy a gorilla ladder you get yourself mounting holes which are factory produced and they allow for the easy fitment or stabilizer. These mounting holes are found on the majority of the Gorilla ladders for instance the 1.8m and above. Gorilla ladders come in aluminum metal and they also have Industrial Fiberglass for the single sided ladders.

They are lighter in weight as compared to the little giant and are very steady when extended to the full length, as opposed to the Werner and the little giants. The price of a gorilla ladder cannot be compared to that of the little giant. You pay three times for a ladder if you buy a little giant ladder. You know why? Because someone’s got to pay for those infomercials!

Gorilla Ladder