Today’s Top Gorilla Ladders: Meet the AL-17 and the AL-22

Multi-Position Gorilla Ladders

gorilla laddersEveryone most probably owns an A-frame ladder, a rather useful tool around the house. Some people may even own more than one. These ladders can be relied on for special assignments, also known as odd jobs, around the house, such as cleaning the top gutters, taking down the Christmas decorations, or just changing a light bulb. If you haven’t got one yet, it’s about time you think about finally purchasing one. You’ll definitely want to have one of these handy things at your disposal.

Some of the A-frame ladders you must seriously consider buying is the Gorilla AL-17 and the Gorilla AL-22. These Gorilla ladders are some of the most popular today, and many real users have confidently stated that these babies won’t disappoint. They are very reliable tools to have around. Let’s take a look at their specs.

Gorilla Ladders AL-17

As far as Gorilla ladders go, the AL-17 is one of the most versatile. It has four true functions, as they are called, that allow you to accomplish a variety of tasks. You use a ladder for different purposes, right? Well, with four true functions, you can do everything you have to do with just one product. Aside from these, the AL-17 also offers seventeen (17) unique positions – truly a feat for any A-frame ladder. The AL-17 Gorilla ladders will help you get all jobs done.

Expert reviews show that the AL-17 Gorilla ladders are also very user-friendly. They have heavy-duty locking main and step hinges, so you don’t have to worry about your ladder breaking. And in the small chance that it does break, you can count on the warranty to have it replaced.

Gorilla Ladders AL-22

If the AL-17 impresses you with its versatility, nothing says flexible like the A-22 Gorilla ladders do. The A-22 also has all of the four true functions that the A-17 offers. You can even purchase accessories to complement them, but these are sold separately. The primary marketing proposition of the AL-22 is its remarkable 22-feet extension. Yes, you read right. Named after its best height, the AL-22 can extend to up to 22 feet, a very useful feature in any home. Think of all the work you can finally get done – clean the chimneys, sweep the roof, and even pick fruits from the trees in your yard!

Some people may hesitate getting an A-frame ladder that can go as far as 22 feet. But this isn’t just any ladder; this is one of the best Gorilla ladders on the market. With locking, heavy-duty main hinges and solid step hinges, you can trust the AL-22 to keep you safe while you’re up and at it, literally.

What’s great about both Gorilla ladders, the AL-17 and the AL-22, is their price. Unlike other ladders out there, particularly the Little Giant ladders, which are ridiculously sold at almost $400, the Gorilla counterparts can be bought at just $200. That’s half the price! This is the best deal you can get as far as A-frame ladders are concerned. With guaranteed sturdiness, functionality, and style (these ladders are made of enhanced aluminum), you can bet on these Gorilla ladders to make you one happy owner.

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